Scolecite/Zeolite Cluster
Scolecite/Zeolite Cluster
Scolecite/Zeolite Cluster
Scolecite/Zeolite Cluster

    Scolecite/Zeolite Cluster


    This listing is for (1) cluster. Available in sizes S, M, L and XL. Sizes by approximate weight:

    S(100-250 grams)

    M(250-500 grams)

    L(500-750 grams)

    XL(750-1000 grams)

    Due to the unique nature of each individual piece, color, shape and size may vary. Every stone is always intuitively hand chosen just for you. We take pride in the exceptional quality of our crystals.

    Zodiac - Every Zodiac

    Chakra - Heart, Third Eye, Crown

    A soothing stone which softly nurtures the inner aura and divine connection, scolecite delivers a serene and deep vibration. It is a member of the global zeolite family and can range in color from clear translucent to white, pale pink, salmon, yellow or green and sometimes red. This mineral fittingly received its name from the Greek origin “skolec” which translates to worm as coils and curls are created when torched by fire. The crystal is multi-dimensional in its usage and is perfectly suited for meditation, dreamwork, and purification. Scolecite lulls open the upper chakras beginning with the Heart inviting love and relationship. It unlocks the Third Eye and more profoundly the Crown as it augments the angelic connection. This stone is often used to reduce the anxiety and stress of daily living. It celebrates the winter zodiac of Capricorn as it associates with the natural element of wind. Scolecite elicits tranquility, harmony and inner wisdom. It is a shining example of healing crystal energy.

    At first glance, zeolite appears to be one stone but actually is a cluster of incandescent crystals. It is derived from the cavities of volcanic rock. Thus, its name from Greek origin means boiled stone. Zeolite is often used in reiki and meditative practices to slowly reduce toxins and promotes an accumulation of energy, healing and kindness. Hindu principles suggest it serves as a shield surrounding the Crown Chakra. Historically, zeolite has been a favorite of farmers and avid gardeners in the cultivation of plantings and crops.

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