Apatite/Beryl Freeform #2 (COLLECTOR'S PIECE)
Apatite/Beryl Freeform #2 (COLLECTOR'S PIECE)
Apatite/Beryl Freeform #2 (COLLECTOR'S PIECE)
Apatite/Beryl Freeform #2 (COLLECTOR'S PIECE)
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    Apatite/Beryl Freeform #2 (COLLECTOR'S PIECE)


    This listing is for (1) freeform. The size of the freeform is an approximate weight of 180 grams with a length of 3” and height of 2”. The crystal pictured is the only one in stock for this item, so you will receive the exact same piece. We take pride in the exceptional quality of our crystals.

    Zodiac - Capricorn, Scorpio

    Chakra - Throat, Third Eye

    Famously known as a stone that promotes clarity and revelation, blue apatite is used to deepen imagination, dream recollection and reflection. It is a high vibration crystal and often accompanies lengthy meditation practices. This vibrant gemstone, in its blue hues which range from cobalt and royal to blue dusk, is connected primarily to the Throat and Third Eye Chakras. Aligned with the  Gemini, Capricorn and Pisces zodiacs, it is also known to curb hunger making it a favored weight control tool.  The stone is often appreciated by those in the humanitarian and animal services and additionally may help to strengthen personal communications skills. This glistening mineral can stimulate inspiration, creativity and brain power. Blue apatite is truly a keeper

    In its most precious form, beryl is an exquisite emerald. It is also a dazzling semi-precious aquamarine. Infrequently when yellow-hued, it is heliodor and as pink it is morganite. Beryl in its many color variations is a truly revered stone. Its name is derived from the ancient Sanskrit word meaning light green. The Italians say beryl as a description of a sea of green. Found globally, this crystal has been used to invite courage, optimism, enthusiasm, balance, and harmony. As it opens the Throat Chakra, it celebrates the Scorpion zodiac.  Beryl can strengthen the body, mind and spirit connection.  Sometimes known as a “soothsayer stone”, it can support clarity, intimacy, and joy. The vitality of this gemstone is remarkable. Simply stated, the beloved beryl is as amazing as it is enchanting. 

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