Agate Druzy/Pink Amethyst Tower (COLLECTOR'S PIECE)
Agate Druzy/Pink Amethyst Tower (COLLECTOR'S PIECE)
Agate Druzy/Pink Amethyst Tower (COLLECTOR'S PIECE)
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    Agate Druzy/Pink Amethyst Tower (COLLECTOR'S PIECE)


    This listing is for (1) tower. The size of the tower is an approximate weight of 1.2 KG with a height of 7.5” and thickness of 2.5” The crystal pictured is the only one in stock for this item, so you will receive the exact same piece. We take pride in the exceptional quality of our crystals.

    Zodiac - Aquarius, Gemini

    Chakra - Every Chakra

    When shimmering druzy crystals form over the chalcedony and quartz blend known as agate, the end result is a spectacular centerpiece. Although the color spectrum of druze varies, the calm violet which embeds the subdued auburn agate displayed above is certain to promote tranquility, inspiration and clarity. While a stone of balance and growth benefiting all the chakras, the Heart is especially served. The mineral combination is perfectly suited for May and June birthdays and those who love the crystal’s sparkle, shine and serenity. Found globally today, it is most abundantly unearthed in Brazil. Agate druze is prized by artisans as they transform the stone into splendid jewelry pieces. Cultivate your self-care, confidence and creativity with the nurturing energy of agate druze. 

     A most charming expression of love and tranquility is the blushing crystal, pink amethyst. This semiprecious stone speaks of the heart, from the heart and to the heart. Of course, its chakra association is with the Heart, Third Eye and Crown. Thus, this cherub of an amethyst invites love, divinity and intuitive development. The subtle yet, distinctively elegant, crystalline-pink pigment is actually created by hematite inclusions. This rare mineral is an earthly gift to us from the Patagonia Region of Southern Argentina. Do not be fooled by the stone’s delicate pigment, it possesses an energy as powerful as its deep violet relative, purple amethyst. Pink amethyst represents all that is maternal, feminine, virtuous and whole. So highly desired, it is a perfect gifting stone for a wide array of special occasions and celebrations. Feel the love. Experience the bliss. It is called pink amethyst.

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