Malachite Orgone Pyramid
Malachite Orgone Pyramid
Malachite Orgone Pyramid
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    Malachite Orgone Pyramid


    This listing is for (1) pyramid. The size of each pyramid is an approximate weight of 200 grams with a height of 2.5" and base of 3x3". Due to the unique nature of each individual piece, color, shape and size may vary. Every stone is always intuitively hand chosen just for you. We take pride in the exceptional quality of our crystals.

    Zodiac - Scorpio, Capricorn

    Chakra - Heart, Throat

    This beautiful stone is a celebration of nature’s finest spectrum of green. The Renaissance artist, Pietro Perugino often used malachite in his paintings designating it Verona green earth. The Malachite Room designed for Russian Empress Alexandra Feodorovna, the wife of Czar Nicholas I, was a breathtaking palatial site of verdant royal luxury. Malachite has adorned people throughout the ages. Derived from Greek meaning mallow-green-stone, this crystal belongs to the Taurus zodiac sign serving as a natural birthstone. Malachite fosters protection and tranquility. It is often utilized as a detoxifier, and can bolster success in business. Known to mankind as one of the oldest minerals, malachite complements all the chakras but most notably the Heart and Throat Chakras. In essence, it is a stone of unconditional love making it essential to your crystal collection.

    During the first half of the last century, Wilhelm Reich, an Austrian psychoanalyst and protégé of Sigmund Freud, developed a theory he referred to as orgone. Orgone or cosmic energy, he believed could provide support and assistance in the area of human sexuality. Today, orgonite which is a composite of resins, quartz and metals, may offer its recipients a heightened sense of chi or life force mitigating both mental and physical maladies. Orgonite comes in a variety of layered shapes of both organic and inorganic substances. It is becoming increasingly popular in the use of detoxification and purification of not only pollutants but past trauma healing. Orgonite may indeed aid in the restoration of the natural flow of energy of body, mind and soul.

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