Clear Quartz Orgone Pyramid
Clear Quartz Orgone Pyramid
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    Clear Quartz Orgone Pyramid


    This listing is for (1) pyramid. The size of the pyramid is an approximate weight of 200 grams with a height of 2.5" and base of 3x3". The crystal pictured is the only one in stock for this item, so you will receive the exact same piece. We take pride in the exceptional quality of our crystals.

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    Icy, frosty, glassy and transparently pure, clear quartz is plentiful throughout our world. It is often used by those desiring a clear-sighted vision of things to come but this stone’s lucid beauty delights many. In Japan, it is viewed as the evolution of perfection. From Egyptian rituals to Chinese acupuncture, its uses have transcended millennium. While clear quartz aligns with the Crown Chakra, it is used to bridge all seven energy centers. It is often used to heighten one’s power of intention and potential. Clear quartz’s simplistic and authentic allure invites us all.

    During the first half of the last century, Wilhelm Reich, an Austrian psychoanalyst and protégé of Sigmund Freud, developed a theory he referred to as orgone. Orgone or cosmic energy, he believed could provide support and assistance in the area of human sexuality. Today, orgonite which is a composite of resins, quartz and metals, may offer its recipients a heightened sense of chi or life force mitigating both mental and physical maladies. Orgonite comes in a variety of layered shapes of both organic and inorganic substances. It is becoming increasingly popular in the use of detoxification and purification of not only pollutants but past trauma healing. Orgonite may indeed aid in the restoration of the natural flow of energy of body, mind and soul.

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