Azurite/Chrysocolla/Malachite Cluster
Azurite/Chrysocolla/Malachite Cluster
Azurite/Chrysocolla/Malachite Cluster
Azurite/Chrysocolla/Malachite Cluster
Azurite/Chrysocolla/Malachite Cluster

    Azurite/Chrysocolla/Malachite Cluster


    This listing is for (1) cluster. Available in sizes S, M and L. Sizes by approximate weight:

    S(50-100 grams)

    M(100-200 grams)

    L(200-300 grams)

    Due to the unique nature of each individual piece, color, shape and size may vary. Every stone is always intuitively hand chosen just for you. We take pride in the exceptional quality of our crystals.

    Zodiac – Aquarius, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Taurus, Gemini, Virgo

    Chakra – Third Eye, Throat, Heart

    A simple glance at the intense beauty of this mineral may bestow an immediate sensation of healing and tranquility. Deriving its name from azure, the French origin translating blue, azurite obtains its penetrating array of shades from the weatherization of copper ore.  Dating back to ancient times, the stone was a valued trade commodity on Central Asia’s Silk Road. Azurite was globally prized by China, Egypt, Greece, Rome and the indigenous cultures of the Americas. In addition, it served as a fabric dye equal to the grandeur of indigo, saffron, and cinnabar. Azurite is associated with Aquarians and Sagittarians and is a natural birthstone for Pisces. Representing the water element, it is admired as an important instrument of feng shui and meditation. Believed to enrich creativity, inspiration, insight and knowledge, this highly desired crystal promotes hope and harmony. In all its splendor, azurite is a jewel stone of many gifts.   

    Often referred to as a teaching stone, this mineral can strengthen astuteness, imagination and intuitive ability. Chrysocolla is often used to unblock the Throat Chakra making it the talisman of educators and musicians. Yet, it also opens the Heart Chakra promoting altruism and authentic compassion. The belief that this gem unlocks one’s accumulated wisdom and creativity through the years generates much popularity among senior citizens. Chrysocolla is highly compatible with Sagittarius zodiac making it is the birthstone of December. The fresh vibrant hues of turquoise and spring garden green accompanied by smoky black bands and cloudy white puffs make this crystal a statement of character, beauty and vitality.

    This beautiful stone is a celebration of nature’s finest spectrum of green. The Renaissance artist, Pietro Perugino often used malachite in his paintings designating it Verona green earth. The Malachite Room designed for Russian Empress Alexandra Feodorovna, the wife of Czar Nicholas I, was a breathtaking palatial site of verdant royal luxury. Malachite has adorned people throughout the ages. Derived from Greek meaning mallow-green-stone, this crystal belongs to the Taurus zodiac sign serving as a natural birthstone. Malachite fosters protection and tranquility. It is often utilized as a detoxifier, and can bolster success in business. Known to mankind as one of the oldest minerals, malachite complements all the chakras but most notably the Heart and Throat Chakras. In essence, it is a stone of unconditional love making it essential to your crystal collection.

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