Will I receive the exact same crystal as the one picture?
There are many listings in which the only crystal in stock is the piece that is in the pictures for that listing. In those cases, you will receive the exact same crystal. You will be able to identify these listings by the item description. For listings that have 2+ pieces in stock, unless you make a private request, you will receive a crystal chosen by me intuitively. If you wish to purchase a specific crystal pictured, I will be more than happy to let you choose from what’s available. Please feel free to reach out to me via email - or direct message via Instagram @theinfiniterock. I will respond as soon as I can!
What makes a crystal a rare formation/collectors piece?
Rare formations and collectors pieces are crystals that I’ve kept separate from regular stock because they’re unique individual nature makes them hard to find, thus increasing their value. Factors include point structure, shape, richness in color, general appearance etc.
How do I charge my crystals?
Charging your crystals is something you should practice if you are serious about crystals and their metaphysical properties. When you use your crystals frequently, their energy can begin to drain and not have as much of a potent affect. When you charge them up, it will add additional energy and their vibration will expand. There are many ways in which they can be charged. Leaving them out in the sun for the day (make sure to research which crystals are safe under the sun), or leaving them out under the moonlight (especially full moons) can give them a great boost of energy. Another common practice when charging crystals is laying them on or near selenite. Selenite holds properties that are supreme for bringing your crystals back to life. You don’t necessarily have to practice charging your crystals, but if you feel they are losing the vibrant effects that they once had, it is never a bad idea.
I subscribed to receive emails, why am I not receiving any?
Subscription emails from The Infinite Rock usually end up landing in the promotions folder instead of your primary inbox, so make sure to check your promotions folder.
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