Welcome to The Infinite Rock!

Hi, my name is Tom and I live in Florida. I have been most fortunate to grow up on the Long Island Sound experiencing many healing properties of the glistening rocky New England coastline. In addition, I have always had a deep appreciation for the simplistic and arresting beauty of nature. Many of the images on display have been seasonally photographed at sunset’s golden hour on or near the water.

Like many people, I have envisioned the notion of entrepreneurship and one day owning my own business. For a number of years, I worked in the sales of athletic clothing and shoes. During that time, I found myself frequently revisiting the shoreline as it reminds me of the innate grandeur of the rocks and minerals of my youth. Thus, The Infinite Rock was born.

Gems and crystals can connect people with those that came before them. In my own family, my mom has a decorative amber quartz which was passed down from my grandmother. This stone tells a story of friendship, love, celebration and eternity. By providing shoppers with similar artifacts, they too can enjoy the history, energy and splendor our planet’s essence can bring.

Our 100% authentic crystals and stones are ethically and globally sourced. Each order comes with a complimentary gift, and is cleansed with palo santo prior to packaging. We take immense pride in our ability to serve and please our customers.

The Infinite Rock wants you to joyfully experience owning and gifting crystals that provide timeless serenity, well-being and unleashed vitality for generations to come. Take the journey through earth’s most ancient and majestic creations.
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