Tangerine Lemurain Quartz Rough Point (COLLECTOR'S PIECE)
Tangerine Lemurain Quartz Rough Point (COLLECTOR'S PIECE)
Tangerine Lemurain Quartz Rough Point (COLLECTOR'S PIECE)
Tangerine Lemurain Quartz Rough Point (COLLECTOR'S PIECE)
Tangerine Lemurain Quartz Rough Point (COLLECTOR'S PIECE)
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    Tangerine Lemurain Quartz Rough Point (COLLECTOR'S PIECE)


    This listing is for (1) point. The size of the point is an approximate weight of 225 grams with a length of 2.75". The crystal pictured is the only one in stock for this item, so you will receive the exact same piece. We take pride in the exceptional quality of our crystals. 

    Zodiac - Gemini, Leo, Libra

    Chakra - Every Chakra

    One might say that Lemurian quartz is not for the faint of heart. It is an amazing crystal clear crystal threaded with unique striations or strands. This quartz possesses astounding energy and an equally fascinating history. It is believed by a collection of historians and scientists that Lemuria was a peaceful and highly advanced civilization which existed well over 5 million years ago on a large continent in the Pacific Ocean.

    Pre-dating the lost civilization of Atlantis, some believe its location was the ancestral home of the Atlanteans. Furthermore, it is accepted by a range of experts that Lemuria was a utopian society not unlike the fictional Shangri-La of the Kunlun Mountains in interior China. It was the practice of these paradisiacal people to plant and seed minute pieces of this crystal which then transmitted a oneness, unanimity, or collective consciousness of good will throughout the planet Earth and beyond our solar system.

    To possess a Lemurian stone is to invite the universe's positive energy into your life.  It may provide intense healing, strength, balance, harmony and awakening. A prized meditation tool, Lemurian quartz has often been used for past life work and to connect to the divine. It is considered by many to be a supreme stone of infinite healing. Simply stated, Lemurian quartz is extraordinary.

    As its name suggests, tangerine quartz is a lively, energetic stone found mostly in Brazil. Its distinctive brilliant orange color pleases while it kindles self-affirmation, rejuvenation and empathy. Tangerine quartz is a potent stone of resolve, abundance and personal growth. Like all quartz, it is much appreciated in the way its benefits positive meditation experiences. While the mineral primarily connects to the Sacral Chakra, it provides secondary chakra service to the Solar Plexus. The crystal has been found helpful to many in weight loss and fertility. Tangerine quartz is a natural gem which honors the Leo and Libra zodiacs. Uplifting and spirited, tangerine quartz will invite joyful creativity and vitality into your life.

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