by Tom Modugno on September 01, 2021

Summertime summons a plethora of touch, scents, sights, sounds and tastes. The word summer immediately arouses the feel and view of    sunstruck beaches, wavy ocean breezes, coastal rocks and shells, winding garden paths and wildflower meadows . Who can mistake the myriad fragrances of coconut, lemon, honeysuckle, clover and the beloved barbecue?  The sizzle and pop of fireworks, a fire flie’s orbit, or a hummingbird’s dance enchant us. The season’s vibrant warmth and unceasing daylight beckons a songbird’s melody, the cricket’s nighttime chirp and the satisfying taste of basil-topped garden tomatoes, fresh berries, homemade ice cream or toasted marshmallows on a stick.  How welcoming and inviting summer truly is. June, July and August are unquestionably  a perfect time of year to explore and enjoy the vibrant energies of elegant stones and crystals. These are just a few of the assortment of minerals that can bring summertime delight.

Citrus Stones                                                                                                        

High energy citrus-toned stones such as citrine, yellow, orange, angel wing calcites, and varied selenites all exude joy, happiness, creativity and self-confidence. Tastefully placed on outdoor patios, benches or picnic tables or in any room indoors, they are sure to enhance an already uplifting and mood-enhancing time of year. 

 Ocean Jasper

The exotic ocean jasper finding of Paul Obenich and Madagascar Minerals , assumes its poignant trademark name representing the island’s majestic Indian Ocean coastline. While it promotes calm and tranquility, the crystal emanates cool water colors such as oyster, silken rose, ginger, driftwood and heather. This striking stone is a perfectly soothing, mindful and meditative vehicle. Truly, it makes a striking warm weather statement.


This beautiful stone is a celebration of nature’s finest spectrum of  green. Throughout history, malachite has been a designated natural verdant pigment used by artisans particularly during The Renaissance.  Malachite has adorned people throughout the ages while it fosters protection and comfort.  Known as one of the most ancient minerals, tender and calming malachite is a mid-summer dream.


The sensational color palate of aquamarine, turquoise, and emerald suggests summer solstice has arrived. Amazonite can bestow balance on body, mind and soul. The stone’s vibrant hues along with its sparkling energy emanate delight, contentment and bliss as stunning jewelry, an ornamental piece or meditation tool. Amazonite is a summer standout. 

 Blue Calcite  

Do not be fooled by the faint hint of soft blues. This stone possesses a robust and dynamic energy which beckons intuition and creativity. Blue calcite has a very long and significant history in the ancient world. Associated with all four of the  natural elements, it is alluring, sensuous and perfect for the season.

 So don’t delay. Visit a farmer’s market, build a sandcastle, tend to an herb garden, windsurf or kayak, permit a shooting star to beguile and add memorable crystals and stones to your life. Whether worn, displayed or carried, they can bring inner harmony, joy and satisfaction. And don’t forget to stop and smell the flowers. After all, it’s summertime. 

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