by Tom Modugno on August 11, 2021

What Is Shungite?

By simple definition, shungite is a deep black, lustrous mineral that is almost totally made up of carbon. It is named after the large village, Shunga in Karelia, Russia. Not much is known about the original source of shungite but what is known is that it is over two billion years old. Amazingly, shungite is comprised of almost all of the minerals on the periodic table of chemical elements. Today, the stone is well-known for its purification and restoration properties.


In spite of the fact that shungite is several billion years old, its existence was not known until the 16th Century. Russian legend suggests shungite’s healing potential dates back to the reign of the first tsar of Russia, Ivan the Terrible, who earned his nickname because he terrorized the people living throughout Russia’s vast countryside. Later in the 1700s, Peter the Great, perhaps the most notorious tsar, is said to have used the mineral to decontaminate water. It is only recently, that Western society has embraced shungite’s many varied uses in agriculture, medicine, water treatment, and the reduction of EMFs in the environment.

EMF Toxins

EMF translates electromagnetic field. An EMF is an area of moving electrical charges. These charges are everywhere and when they include radiation which ionizes, they can potentially be very harmful. Our modern day routine consumption of technology involves a constant flow of EMFs in our lives. Think about the daily use of cell phones, televisions, computers and microwaves not to mention the many energy transmission towers which surround us. The subject of EMFs has been hotly debated over the last several decades as to whether or not repeated radiation exposure can or does contribute to chronic and/or serious health issues. Globally, many government studies suggest that EMFs do not interfere with the overall health of humans and the environment but there are alternative studies that strongly suggest they do.

EMF Protection

Some recent studies have determined that properties in shungite may remove or reduce radioactive compounds in our water, protect against bacteria and viruses and reduce inflammation and oxidative stress in the body. In addition, it is believed that this particular “stone of healing” may relieve a variety of medical conditions such as allergies, general malaise or fatigue and in extreme cases, the dysfunction of bodily organs. As a result, shungite’s popularity has swiftly increased throughout the mainstream population over the past several years.

How to Use Shungite

Shungite’s protective uses are plentiful. Shungite’s role, as a cell phone stick-on and DIY water filtration system, has become increasingly widespread. As a water filter, you simply drop the stone into your drinking water or bath. Shungite makes a striking statement as jewelry or home and office décor all the while serving as an EMF protective guard. Many persons carry a small tumble stone wherever they go. It is highly beneficial in reiki, yoga and meditation practices. In essence, shungite can accompany you at all times.

Chakra, Zodiac and Element

As with minerals of similar energy and color, shungite connects to the Root Chakra, providing protection, stability and balance. Although the stone can deliver benefits to all, it is strongly attached to the zodiacs Gemini and Virgo. Shungite is an Earth element stone.    

The Decision Belongs to You

As you can see, shungite’s uses are as diverse as its shielding qualities. So, the question is should you introduce shungite into your life? You be the judge.

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