by Tom Modugno on October 03, 2021

There is a subtle yet powerful scene in the 1993 film Little Buddha. Siddhartha, not yet the Buddha which translates the enlightened one, witnesses a music teacher instruct a student stating, “Tighten the string too much and it will snap and if you leave it too slack, it will not play.” This moment in the film becomes  Siddhartha’s epiphany as he realizes that it is the place between the extremes that is the key to living.

 In Buddhism, this delicate congruency is known as the middle way. In his book The Wise Heart,  the renowned author Jack Kornfield brings clarity to this phenomenon when he states, “The more we delve into the middle way, the more deeply we come to rest between the play of opposites.” Both the movie scene and book passage speak to me in a profound way because they stress the essential importance of equilibrium in life.

As many know, the practice of meditation brings balance to our constant racing thoughts of the past and future by carefully placing us in the here and now, also known as the present moment or that sacred space between the contraries.  Countless persons have found that regular meditation practice offers a stable footing in life which may be deepened and enhanced through the use of crystals.

Minerals are one of Mother Earth’s precious and many gifts that keep on giving. Essentially, they are pure energy and can heighten the body, mind, spirit connection offering increased vitality, tranquility, and concentration. Whether it is a contemplative walk in nature, a serene and quiet setting in your home or a five minute practice at work or school, crystals can strengthen the overall meditative experience to calm, transform and inspire. Here is a quick guide to several of the more popular reflection stones.


In all of its varieties, Amethyst exudes an exceedingly powerful energy. While it reinvigorates, it can intensify the dream state and self-acceptance as well as self- discipline. Used in meditation, intuition and spiritual growth can be  genuinely be enhanced.  

Black Obsidian and Black Tourmaline                                                                                        

The color of midnight and a raven’s wing, these two distinct crystals disperse negativity and emotional blockages. They can counteract pollutants.  Thereby,   providing cleansing and purification making them extremely popular for meditation.


The entire quartz clan spells high energy.  Whether it is clear quartz which unlocks all the chakras, citrine that serves as the harmonious booster of happiness or rose quartz known as the transcendent stone of love, protection and compassion, you cannot go wrong with quartz as an amazing meditation tool                                                                                                  

The aforementioned are just a sampling of some favored meditation tools.  Please excuse the pun but the crystals you select are not set in stone.  You choose the time, the place, and the stone(s).  In addition, you may prefer a small tumble, palm stone, sphere, pyramid or tower. Perhaps, you desire to be seated in front of a large gemstone which emanates vitality, beauty or history. The choice is exclusively yours. As I like to say, “Raise your vibration with the infinite energy of healing crystals.” Crystals accompanying meditation will never disappoint.


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